Go professional! Upgrade your Evacuation-Planner account

With the Pro Version you'll rise the limitations set for the amount of plans, the icons per plan and the symbols to choose from.
Export the emergency plan as an SVG file and use it in other programs like Adobe® Illustrator (does not include the legend).
There will be no branding on created printouts or exported images.

Your benefits at a glance


  • Create a floor plan
  • Drop up to 2 symbols
  • Single user licence
  • Create a floor plan
  • Export as PNG file


  • Create 99 floor plans
  • Drop up to 99 symbols
  • All 126 icons
  • Export as PNG and SVG file
  • Five user licence
  • Full lifetime access
  • No Branding
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Regular $89
No recurring payment or subscription!
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